Human Melanoma Cancer-Associated Fibroblasts (CAFs): 1,000,000 Cells


    • Vitro Biopharma offers high-quality Human Melanoma Cancer-Associated Fibroblasts (CAFs) intended for in-vitro use in research applications only. These specialized cells serve as invaluable tools across multiple research areas. Our Human CAFs are sourced from well-characterized donor samples and maintained under rigorous quality control to provide you with reliable and consistent results. We offer Human CAFs from multiple donors. Matched Human Fibroblasts are also available from select donors.

      • Cryopreserved at a low passage

      • High passage capabilities

      • Expands in VitroPlusIII Low Serum, Complete Medium (Vitro Biopharma, Cat. No. PC00B1–optimized for high growth rates, reduced doubling times, healthy cells, and stability)

      • Able to grow in low oxygen (1% - 5% O2)

      • Available for research only